Why I decided to launch a digital marketing agency with a team of digital nomads

the smmile - the social media mile

Some businesses are built from a passion or innovation, others from great ideas, or from the wish of providing services for the market’s needs. Or maybe for some it is just the natural step to take, but most of the new businesses are created from the desire of making more money. Or maybe it’s a mix of those reasons. As it was my case. After working in press, advertising and in different companies, combining economic and advertising studies with work experience as an employee, freelancer and consultant, I decided to take it to the next level and put all my know-how into practice for higher purposes. A project that I believe in and provides some real value for all the parts involved.

So, I decided to create a digital marketing agency that provides tailored services to international clients, while opening the door to working with amazing digital nomads professionals. Why I am telling you this?

Personally, I would like to see more stories like this. I want to know what drives people to create a business and why they chose that idea over another.

So these are my reasons:


The rise of the digital nomad lifestyle

I truly believe that the number of people who chose to work while traveling will grow. Even if it’s not a lifestyle for everyone, there are lots of people who are thinking right this second about how they could create a nomad lifestyle while earning at least as much as they earn in their corporate job. Maybe even when they read this article.

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Give something back

I believe that in life we always have to give some things, not just receive. When I decided to try the freelancer lifestyle, it wasn’t easy to find clients and to create an income that will finance what I dreamt of. I did some research and tried lots of things, but some of them simply weren’t for me. I wished there was a thing such as the smmile at that time (maybe it was but I just didn’t find it) and I hope I will help at least a few more people to live the life they want by offering a great alternative of making money through the skills they already have. OFFice to travel already does a good job by sharing tips and resources to become a digital nomad, but now the smmile offers them the fastest and easiest way to monetize their knowledge.


Continuous increase of clients’ needs

While every business wants to save money wherever possible, no one wants to have second hand employees or collaborators. The reality is that if you want great results, you need to pay big money. On the other hand, most of the times agencies have bigger costs because of huge rents, building maintenance and all the additional costs that come with the physical place. By working with digital nomads, all those expenses disappear and clients get to see the best part on their invoice, which will be lower than the ones from agencies. Moreover, businesses don’t have to cut on demands like working with professionals who have many years of experience. Contrary to a popular opinion, digital nomads are usually not youngsters looking for adventure, but mostly people who already had jobs in big corporations, worked many hours just to get the best results, even had leading positions. But now they decided they paid their dues and want to travel the world while working, because they cannot put aside work forever. They love working, but don’t want to have the limitations of a 9-5 job.


International team

How many businesses do you know of having professionals from UK, Germany, Spain, Romania, USA and so on? How many of them can provide services in all those languages? Most probably not that many. The smmile, does that by having the opportunity to work remotely with any of the countries where we can find great professionals.


The level of happiness is way above average

Happy people work better, faster and are more efficient. If you meet digital nomads, you’ll see that usually they are happy, smiling and ready to make new friends. Yes, they have problems too (maybe more than the regular employee), but they learned what they like and what they don’t; they understood that if they want to pursues their hobbies, they need to be really efficient and respect deadlines, so they do more things smiling and enjoying life. A happy person will work better and have better results.


Take advantage of the internet

We all use internet and most of us in our businesses, but sometimes we forget the power it has. It creates freedom and it gives us more choices and access to knowledge. It also enables people to work from anywhere and gives them the possibility to see the places they want while they are young.

The feeling of community while keeping the freedom

When you are a freelancer, consultant or even business owner and have chosen to become a digital nomad, sometimes you feel alone in this journey. The smmile wants to respect its members’ freedom and doesn’t care if they work from a beach, from the top of the mountain or while doing scuba diving, but also wants to give the feeling of a community. Through the help of internet, tools and talks, we share resources, help each other and maybe even meet in different corners of the world.


Specialized professionals

While working as a consultant, I had some collaborators on different projects, but due to lack of time, some of them had other projects, so they couldn’t help me, or I just didn’t have specialized people to take care of the client’s requests. This way I had to decline projects, lose money and leave clients without the services the needed. There are so many great people out there looking for those jobs, that I felt bad I couldn’t help neither them nor the clients. I want to avoid that and create as many win-win situations as possible.


Scale my business

There are people who are satisfied with what they are doing and it’s totally fine, but there are others, just like me, who think they can give more and take the business to the next level. Other projects will probably come on the way, but I hope I will believe in them at least as much as I believe in this one.

In the end, “the smmile (the social media mile)” means smiling team who is ready to go the extra mile and make our clients smile through best results. If you are interested in “becoming a smmiler”, we’d be happy to get your application and to see you in our team.

We are just starting. It might be difficult, it can take some time to get to the desired level, but the passion and commitment of the team will make the whole journey a beautiful one. If you want to follow our journey, feel free to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.



4 thoughts on “Why I decided to launch a digital marketing agency with a team of digital nomads

  • Hi Anca,

    Inspired move!

    I too LOVE reading stories like these and feel the level of happiness on the road is rising and rising as more folks break their chains to enjoy traveling, and prospering as they travel.

    I’ve been a digital nomad for 4 1/2 years and help folks live the lifestyle thru my blog. SO many folks feel this life is impossible. Folks like you and me prove that it is not only possible, but probably, when you open up and embrace the opportunities for growth out there.

    As for the sense of community I’m stepping into it more than ever these days, both online and offline. So many fun, inspired people we meet on the road and cyber-style too.

    Good on you for creating so many opportunities through your agency.

    Thanks for sharing Anca!


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