June 17, 2014


We all know it’s not about US it’s about YOU.

It’s you who is at the core of OFFice To Travel – you, the one who wants to have a location-independent or a digital nomad lifestyle; you the one that wants to connect with like-minded people and you who wants to experience all the benefits this lifestyle can provide and avoid the disadvantages.

This is exactly what OFFice To Travel offers you:

– resources for the lifestyle you have chosen,
– lists of places where you can meet like-minded entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote workers,
– useful guides,
– stories of people who’ve been in your shoes,
– jobs that can help you work with teams that share your values

and many more…


We believe in a better world with happier people. And we are the same – we work remotely, we know the struggles and also understand the value of being surrounded by people who think alike and want to succeed.

We want to know you and to save you time in looking for the resources you need. We want to provide the most important tools, books and valuable stories, while finding community meetups, workations and other events that can help you grow both professionally and personally.

If you most of your friends are corporate employees who love you but don’t understand you at all, if you don’t have like-minded people around to talk about your hustling and most of them think you will “go back to your normal life” at one point, or you simply don’t feel at home anywhere anymore, you are in the right place.


OFFice To Travel workations

The OFFice To Travel founder, Anca Muraru, was born and raised in Romania. In case you haven’t heard of it, you might be more familiar with Transylvania, which is part of this country. While she traveled in different parts of the world, she managed to see clearly that Romania actually provides many advantages for a location-independent or digital nomad lifestyle. While attending numerous workations and niched events, she also understood how some of this lifestyle’s struggles can be diminished through co-working and co-living events.

This is how the OFFice To Travel workations were born.

What we usually provide:
– co-working and co-living space
– workshops and masterminds (topics are chosen based on attendees profiles)
– extra specific activities to help you connect with the group
– different benefits applied to the exact event

Check out our events. >>

Digital Nomads in Romania

Based on the reasons mentioned before, Anca also created a Facebook group where people who want to spend time in Romania can find more about the benefits and connect with other digital nomads and location-independent self-employed people.

A word about the founder

After working first as a journalist and later in advertising agencies, she became self-employed in 2013 and adapted (or mostly stumbled upon) the location-independent lifestyle. It was a dream come true for her at that point, but she also discovered the downsides of building a business on the road.

Today she runs a location-independent digital marketing agency (The smmile) and provides resources and niched events for you on OFFice To Travel.

Now it’s time for you to check out the events that suitable for you, co-working spaces where you can meet like-minded people or check out the resources we have gathered for you.

If you see some workations or other relevant information is missing, feel free to drop us an email. Don’t be a stranger; we would love to hear from you.