July 23, 2015

Travel promo for hoteliers

Office to travel - hotels social media landscapeI know, owning a small hotel or even  luxury resort could sound amazing, but it’s not easy when things change, technology evolves so fast and all you want
to do is provide a great place for people to stay and relax. Times have changed and if you don’t adapt, potential guests won’t find you, won’t know of your existence and your business could suffer a lot.

I love communications and promoting cool brands, but most importantly I adore travelling and helping others to do the same while they spend their time in great places. But sometimes, people just don’t know and pick the first place that looks appealing.

This is where I come in. If you have a hotel, B&B, resort or a villa that suffers because you are not sure how and where to reach your potential guests, I can help you!



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What I can do for you: 

– share pictures and & info on my social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube)

– write a post on my blog (you can use the article for your own promotions)

– one session of coaching on promoting your business on Social Media




If you think you could benefit of more exposure and want to attract more people, ask for a tailor-made offer!