5 ways Blab can help you grow your business

To Blab or not to Blab? We can see almost everyday new apps, ideas and trends that more or less try to cover our needs. Three months ago another one was born. Is it just a trend or could it be the future? I guess time will decide but I would bet some money on its success. Being already a Periscope fan, I didn’t think I would get hooked, but I have to admit that it’s kind of addictive.


But what is Blab?

It could be the next big thing. It’s a live broadcasting app that allows you to join conversations with various people on different topics. You could say it’s similar to Periscope or Meerkat, but it has the advantage of jumping on a broadcast even if this is not your “blab” and go live. The admin can let 3 other people in and talk about the chosen topic, so if you ask to join, that could be you.


Blab - join screen

Live Blab


Something interesting is that broadcasts can be scheduled. This way your followers know when you’ll be live and can plan the day accordingly, if they really want to see you. You might want to do that, because compared to scopes that usually take between 5 and 40 minutes, Blab broadcasts can go on for hours.


Schedule a Blab

Schedule a Blab