OFFice to Travel at DNX – the first global digital nomads conference

Berlin. Saturday morning. 6 AM. My alarm clock rings and even though I am not a morning person (actually I hate waking up in the morning), this time I am quite excited. It’s DNX conference day and I came to Berlin (like I needed another excuse to spend time in the city I love) to meet like-minded digital nomads.

And I have a good reason to be excited about this. In the past 3 days I’ve already met some of the attendees and they exceeded my expectations. People from USA, Czech Republic, France, Croatia, Germany and many more countries joined DNX. Actually their origins are not even that important because in the end we are all citizens of the world. We are only defined by what we want. And these days Berlin was our home.

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Formal and informal meetups

Even before the conference had started, we had a 4-Hours Workweek event at Betahaus, then Natalie Sisson gathered some of us to meet and get to know each other and we also got together for a BBQ on Tempelhof, which is an old airport that ceased to function in 2008 and now it is open to public. It’s a great place to spend some time at a picnic, riding a bike or flying a kite. But since Germans know how to party, the evening ended in a pub where more networking was at its best.

On Friday the event actually started and some of us already knew each other. Workshops, networking and more ideas came to life.

Looks like we were all eager to meet some location independent fellows, because it might be a great way of living your life, but sometimes it gets lonely. Marcus and Feli created the perfect environment for us to meet and discover other ideas, businesses and, of course, people or even future friends.

But let’s get back to our story. Saturday morning was here and the conference was about to start. I ran to the conference and enjoyed what was about to follow.

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What happened at DNX?

First speaker was Derek Sivers who talked about how he built a rockstar online business and why he gave it to charity for $22M, then Natalie Sisson from Suitcase Entrepreneur shared great tips about monetizing yourself and building a thriving brand, business and loyal community, while Pieter Levels, the guy who launched 12 startups in 12 months, talked about how remote work will transform society and where we will be in 10 years.


Noel Tock gave us some tips about running a profitable business from anywhere and Thomas Jakel from Guts for Change told us how he rode a bike from Berlin to New Delhi to help locals have a better life. Awesome story, by the way. 🙂
Have you heard of My Traveling Piano? Well, Joe Lohrmann talked about traveling while charming the world with his passion. He also gave us a live performance.


Then we had a preview of “One Ticket Way”, a digital nomad documentary, which will reveal some of the hidden paths of this lifestyle, while Mark Manson showed us the downside and struggles of being a nomad. Don’t worry, it had a happy ending and we are still hooked on living this lifestyle.


Vegan Bros, Tijana Momirov from Follow the elements and Casey Rosengren from Hacker Paradise shared their inspiring stories that could help anyone who’s thinking of pursuing a location independent life.


Sabrina Iovino from Just One Way Ticket shared her secrets of how she quit her job and started traveling the world and Shayna Oliveira from Espresso English talked about how to build, sell and scale e-courses – great tips for the ones who want to make money out of selling their knowledge. Before the day ended, Till H. Gross from Comfort Zone Crusher made us get out of our comfort zone and overcome our fears. Literally.


Takeaways from DNX

Sometimes I listen to motivational speeches and enjoy seeing a great quote, but only some of them apply to me, so I gathered some takeaways for you:
– If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.

– Do it now!

– An idea is worth almost nothing without a good execution

– If your business depends on you, you don’t own a business — you have a job

– Learn from the experts

– We are all waiting for weekends, holidays and free time. We are actually waiting for our lives to pass. Create a life you don’t want to escape from.

– In a way or another, location independence is the future

– The location independent community is growing!

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Awesome Projects

I already knew about some cool projects, but I also added some on my list. Here’s what I think you should check out:

  • Nomadlist – a list of best places to live and work remotely, based on cost of living, internet speed, weather etc
  • Suitcase Entrepreneur – if you want to run your business on the road, check out Natalie’s book and her podcasts (BTW, I loved her book).
  • Coboat – imagine working from a catamaran in Greece, Thailand, Maldives or Caribbean. Sounds good? This is the place for you!
  • Copass – join coworking places while traveling, without all the paperwork and researching hustle
  • KoHub – a tropical coworking space in Thailand
  • Date a nomad – if you are single and location independent, check it out – you might find a like-minded partner
  • Portugal Digital Nomad community – if Portugal is on your list, you must check out the Digital Nomad community here to find out the tips and tricks for your staying
  • DNX Camp – a coliving and coworking camp for digital nomads – organized by Marcus & Feli, so you don’t want to miss it!
  • Webworktravel – a great destination guide & travel community for digital nomads. If you want to join the Tarifa Camp, in September there’s a workation happening there. Here’s a secret: Andalusia is beautiful.
  • Hacker Paradise – travel the world, get work done, grow personally & professionally while being part of a like-minded community
  • Mastermind Initiator – your next step to success
  • Sunny Office – coworking holidays in sunny places
  • The Bella Vie – Isabelle helps people become digital nomads and enjoy a life they love
  • Flying Yak – well, I’ll just let you discover this one. 🙂

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Now I am taking all my memories, thoughts and ideas back to Bucharest, where I am based, to work on the Coworking Camp. Also, I have another surprise for digital nomads who want to spend some time in Romania! Stay tuned!


Credit and special thanks to Stefano Borghi who provided the beautiful photos!

If you want to add more ideas and takeaways from DNX, let me know in the comments. And if you are a digital nomad and didn’t join DNX this year, hope to  meet you on next edition.




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