No traveler should miss these 10 types of mobile apps

There are people who love apps, people who don’t see the point of using them and others who just don’t care. I am a true believer in efficiency and efficacy. And everything that can make me save time and make things better automatically enters my list.

It’s the same situation with apps. There are those apps that don’t live more than one day on my phone and there are apps that stuck with me from day one. All of these don’t just rescue time and save money, but help me travel faster (when I want to) and better.

1. Wake up in the nicest way

Yes, some of us (maybe most of us) have a problem with waking up early. Moreover, when you are a freelancer and work till late, mornings can become a challenge sometimes. I discovered this app when I needed to work mornings and take some time to walk around the new city in the evenings. Otherwise, what’s the purpose of traveling if you can’t afford to enjoy the NEW? Sleep as Android app calculates your cycles of sleep and wakes you up in the optimal moment. Moreover, it tracks your sleep and you can see a lot of details and features, including your level of snoring. 🙂


2. Communication is important

Either I am traveling or working from my office, I always need to talk to my friends and clients. And the best way for me to save money and time is texting them viaWhatsapp and calling them on Viber or Skype. You probably already use these apps, but I need to mention them since I use them everyday.

3. Travel better

As travel being an important part of my life, I have a lot of apps related to wandering around in new places. But there’s one I really love. Of course, everybody uses Google Maps when trying to find a location but what about the moments when you are abroad, don’t have internet and WIFI is as rare as water in the desert? Well, this is how I discovered Maps with Me. You just need to download the maps when you have access to Internet and then you’re good to go. You can search addresses, find yourself on the map via GPS, search for nearby places etc. You name it.

Anca Florence 2 copy

4. Those “I miss you” moments

Do you have problems when it comes to personal feelings and wishes? Well, I do. And it gets worse. Sometimes, even if you enjoy your trip so much, you really miss the ones at home. Especially if your better half actually exists and is not by your side. I know a simple “I miss you” text is not enough but I usually don’t know how to express my feelings. These are the moments when Zoobe app saves me. I am not a mushy person so Zoobe does all the work for me. I choose a cute character, say a few words and the result always amazes them. Not to mention that I’m the creative and thoughtful girlfriend and friend again. 😀


5. Financial security

We all have to pay bills or rents, we all receive money and we all need to know how our finances are. And because I always value my time, I try to pay everything online, in just a few seconds. That’s why my Home Banking app is used as often as possible saving time and effort. Why not enjoy my cocktail on the beach instead of looking for a bank…


6. Stay fit on the road

I like working out, but I hate running. So, when I am traveling, the simple way to feel like I am not lazy, it’s to do some jogging. But since it’s not my favorite sport, I looked up for apps to help me stay (or get) fit. That’s when I discovered Fitness Buddy app, which has a lot of exercises and workouts. So when you ran out of ideas for your routine, that’s a nice way to diversify. Not to mention if you are on a virgin beach, in the morning, when the weather is perfect; that’s the ideal way to work out; just grab your app and enjoy the perfect workout.


7. Around Me

Know those moments when you walked and walked and want to sit down for a while to enjoy the new place while watching people passing by and stop the time for a few moments? That’s when Around Me app comes in. Sure, I could just sit anywhere, but what if I want a certain something? Well, I like to know I have it with me all the time.


8. Pocket in my pocket

The discovery of this app solved 2 problems for me: I don’t have 35 tabs opened in my browser all the time and second, I got to read all the interesting articles I didn’t have time to do the moment I found them. Pocket is a cool app that lets you save all the articles in one place and get to them when you get the chance. What’s even cooler is that I save them on my laptop and by installing the app, I can read them on my phone. Here’s how my hours fly when I’m in the plane.


9. Never get lost in translation again

If you didn’t get this one yet, you should. I remember a few years ago that I was dreaming of something like this: just taking a picture and finding out a lot of details. Well, Google Goggles does exactly that. It can be useful when you don’t understand the language, when you want to find out more about a place you are visiting at that exact moment and it can even give you details about a product you bought by scanning the barcode. And another interesting feature is adding a contact in your phone just by photographing a business card. It’s time to forget all those plastics for the business cards that take too much of your space.


10. Sunny or rainy?

I guess you already know why The Weather Channel app comes in handy. It’s nothing that special, but I cannot go outside for 5-6 hours unless I know if there’s any chance of a storm while I’m wearing only a dress. Especially when I am planning to walk most of the time.

So, here’s my list. What else would you add? Something that you cannot go traveling without?

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