How To: Your Holiday Social Media Strategy In 11 Steps

The shopping season is here and your brand should not only hit people’s consideration lists but also make it under their Christmas trees. So, is your company ready for the holidays?

Whether you own a travel agency, a mobile app or a beauty store, don’t ignore the boost social media can give to your sales.

Check out these 11 steps that will help you drive sales this year and put you ahead of your competition.

holiday Social Media strategy

1. Review your last year data and adapt
Don’t know where to start? Take a look in the past; at what you did last year. Whether it worked or not, take those numbers and play with them. See what people loved, what brought you more sales and adapt. If you didn’t have any strategy last Christmas, it’s time to build your way to the customers’ present boxes.


2. Set your goals
Without clear goals in mind you can’t know if you’ve succeed. Set realistic goals and plan accordingly. You want 15% increase in sales, sell a specific product or double your revenue; it’s your choice, but remember that you have to invest a proportional amount of time and/or money.

3. Start soon
Yesterday, if possible. Within 3 weeks before Christmas everybody will be there, so take advantage of this time and start while the other brands are still sleeping – this way you’ll attract more attention. Moreover, people will already be bored with all the ads pretty soon, so here’s your chance.


4. Festive environment
Not only your store/website/company should feel like Christmas but also your social media profiles have to match the season fever. Create holiday profile and cover photos and adjust your posts, pictures and videos to the whole strategy. Be creative and outshine your competitors.


5. Select the right social networks for you
This might be one of the most important steps. You don’t want to throw all your money away by doing the same thing on all the social networks. Choose wisely and act. Let’s say you have a clothing store and you want to attract customers in your physical store. Well, this is a hard conversion but what if you announce on your social networks that all the customers who check-in on Swarm in your store receive a 40% discount?

Or maybe you have an online store with presents, home decorations and beauty products? Go on Pinterest were 92% of users are female and be appealing. Meanwhile, Facebook seems to have most users – 1,35 billon monthly active users, so you might want to include it in your holiday strategy.

You want to have a Twitter holiday campaign? Try creating a holiday hashtag and blend it with offline activation. Check out what Marks & Spencer did with #FollowTheFairies. Pretty cool, right?


6. Discounts
This is the season to be jolly and spend money. It’s the only time of year when people are really willing to empty their pockets so make sure they’ll choose you. Make them an offer they can’t refuse.


7. Targeted Ads
Remember that it’s not about products and services anymore – talk about presents. Everybody wants to have great Christmas gifts and make the loved ones happy. You are not selling cool products; you are selling dreams, love and happiness. Keep that in mind while attracting moms to buy presents for their kids, men who will pick gifts for their wives and girls who’ll search for awesome presents for their BFFs. Target them with relevant messages and visuals.


8. Shop now button
Tell people what to do. Use a call to action and make an easy path for them to buy. Don’t let your potential customers guess where and how they should buy. Use videos on FB with the Shop Now or Book Now options, link to your product page and make the purchase as easy as possible.


9. Diversify and speed up sales
Don’t just put all your products on the table: choose the ones that you want to promote and set different deadlines. Let’s say you still have 5 weeks till holiday. Pick one product per week and make discounts for that one(s). Let’s say you own a travel agency; this week you’ll have a 20% discount for a trip to the Berlin Christmas market, next week 40% for Vienna Xmas market and so on.


10. Reward your former customers
It’s easier to reach to your usual customers: you know they used your product or service before so why shouldn’t they do it again? Give them an extra reason to choose you – send them an email with a personalized card/coupon, reward their loyalty and invite them to take advantage of this offer.


11. Mobile shopping
Make it easy for customers to shop from their mobile phones. With an increasing trend of shopping on mobile, you should not neglect that. Use Instagram and redirect people to your shopping platform. Remember that Instagram uses beautiful pictures so choose your best Christmas photos and attract new customers. Moreover, with over 200 million monthly active users, Instagram is not a social network you should ignore.

Do you have another tip that needs to be added? Let me know in the comments.

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