How to Overcome Fear as An Entrepreneur

Many new and growing entrepreneurs I coach and consult with have many of the same obstacles in the way – sometimes perceived in bigger ways than others.
For example – pitching a proposal to your first client ever to meeting with venture capitalists – yes they are different circumstances, but they still are the same adventure that includes all of the same emotions.


Self-Doubt. Imposter Syndrome. Fear. Anxiety. Uncertainty.
There have been many studies and many exercises to help innovative people from all walks of life overcome this fear. Fear is a great indicator of forward moving progress. If you are more scared than ever to be putting yourself out there, writing a blog post, or sending that email to someone in your field you really admire… it’s a sign you may want to consider doing it.


Many people say that becoming fearless is the way to go. I say use fear to fuel you and to support your compass of focus.
There are so many tools and people willing and able to support you in becoming your true self and living out your life purpose without fear. Here are the things I do to overcome fear and also mention to my clients – if it wasn’t for these practices and support systems I would not have been able to travel the world every year, work on national awareness campaigns, collaborated with an extraordinary team from around the world, spoken at universities and conferences, and be able to stand in my power.


1. Begin your day with Intention
When you wake up in the morning, having a ritual is a wonderful thing to create new patterns in your brain. For some this is a 5 minute meditation, for others it’s journaling, find something that will connect you to your mind, body, spirit, and the present moment.
Life is a series of present moments. Be intentional of each moment and the future you dream of will keep unfolding.


2. Use neuroplasticity to your advantage
Did you know that you can change your brain? The studies on neuroplasticity have been around for quite a while – but now you can change the way your brain reacts to certain things.
If you strike a power pose, put a smile on your face, and be who you want to be – the brain begins taking those cues and you start to transform your emotions, feelings, and thoughts.
Start with the body, become aware of your repetitive thoughts, and give power to only the ones that empower you and others.


3. Tap into your spirit or intuition
There is a thing called synchronicity, vibration, and intention. When you tap into those powers it gives you strength beyond all measure.
Those gut feelings, those visions and dreams you have, follow those flashes of insight and write them down.
When you steer off course from your big vision, look back to those moments, connect with your breath, and see that what you are doing is your life purpose.


4. Use affirmations
What separates us from animal life? Well, we evolved a prefrontal cortex that gives us the advantage of futurist thought, communication, and speaking from a higher consciousness.
Instead of just coming from the reptilian brain – fight, flight, feed, and mate – we can create. We can express through language our thoughts, needs, desires, and what we want to manifest.
This is why words are powerful tools in our every day lives.
Affirmations are phrases, sentences, or words you can use in your every day life to reinforce your power and strength. [tweetthis]Using these affirmations help you overcome fear for whatever obstacle you may face.[/tweetthis]


5. Work with a mentor or coach
Coaches and mentors help you look at yourself, your work, and your life purpose objectively. They support you in seeing your blind spots and where you might not be standing in your full fearless self.
The biggest reward I see when I consult and coach with clients is them releasing their fears and doing the work they were meant to do.
I have worked with several coaches, have mentors that support me, and they have helped me propel my business and life forward.


6. Surround Yourself with Intentional Doers
Surrounding yourself with coaches, mentors, and others is a pivotal part of success. As many of you may realize on this journey – you are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with.
[tweetthis]Surround yourself with people that are standing in their vision, in their possibility, and in their potential. [/tweetthis]

Because when they grow, you grow. When you feel down they will lift you up and remember where your compass is leading you.

The fear may be there, but the vision will always be intact.


Article written by Isabelle Rizo 

Isabelle Rizo is a singularity storytelling consultant and speaker who has been featured on Entrepreneur, LifeHack, and UnCollege. She brings together technology, digital media, and storytelling for brands that change paradigms. She is a digital nomad that loves tea, the window seat of airplanes, and the universe. Her internet home is

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