This is a hub office space just like it sounds. For those who love digital. It has history, but don’t expect to find a conventional place. You can feel creative and ingenious in any corner of the hub and you can share ideas with many cool people. They are just next to you, even if you choose to spend few minutes in the rest room or at the kitchen.

The hub is placed right in the center of Bucharest and it has two locations. No matter which part of the city you come from, you can get there quickly. It's not just a working space, but an opportunity to start a new collaboration and meet people that make a difference in digital industry.
Address:  Bulevardul Dacia, nr. 30, sector 1, București – clădirea Mecano, etajul 2
Location: Bucharest, Romania
Tel.:  +40 749 108 112
Website:  www.example.com

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