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Digital entrepreneurs events happening in 2017

We are back online after a re-inventing period that we promise to tell you all about in an upcoming article. But, because there is no time to waste, we want to share with you our list of digital entrepreneurs events happening in 2017. We surfed the web as best we could to try and bring together Read more about Digital entrepreneurs events happening in 2017[…]

The first co-working & co-living event in Transylvania

o2t- workation in Romania transylvania

The first OFFice To Travel larger event and most probably the first workation in Romania took place at the end of August. For more than a week we lived and worked in the same villa, managed to learn more about each other but also got the chance to discover new things about our businesses and own mindsets.

Actually, even though the workation lasted for 8 days, we met before and continued after arriving in Bucharest for at least another week. This is what happens when you find great people – you want to take advantage of the community and meet as often as possible.

I had so many mixed feelings about the workation: from happiness to craziness, stress, fear, ecstasy and peace of mind. I guess from some points of view I learnt more in a week than I did in a few months. I am not afraid to say that holding a workation can be an emotion roller coaster. But it can be an amazing one with the right people.



Coboat – the digital nomads sailing experience

Photo Credit: Eric Van Den Broek from

Photo Credit: Eric Van Den Broek from

To coboat or not to coboat?

Lately I’ve been writing a lot about workations and other digital nomad events, because I find their potential and outcome to be amazing. In just a few days, you manage to connect with people, create new friendships, get feedback on your projects and learn new skills.

This time, the workation was Coboat: a unique experience, considering we were on a catamaran sailing through the Greek islands.

It took me a while to decide what would be more interesting for you to find out from this article. Moreover, how can I capture everything that happened? But I wanted to focus on what would be useful for you. Well, here it is.


OFFice To Travel at the Codino workation in Lisbon

10 things I learned at the CODINO workation

OFFice To Travel at the Codino workation in Lisbon


You can always learn new things, whenever and wherever you go, but in my own experience, joining a digital nomad and/or a location-independent community is a virtual generator of new ideas and lessons. The Codino workation was no different, from this point of view. For seven days, we shared a house, food, knowledge and skills, but also had a lot of fun together.

Before I tell you about my Codino workation experience, I’d like to talk about the power of connecting with like-minded people and being part of a community. Last fall, I joined the Nomad Cruise I, where we traveled from Europe to South America. I came back to Europe, but some of the people I met there remained in South or Central America and returned later on to Lisbon, with the Nomad Cruise II. I had so much fun with these digital nomads, that I simply had to see them again. So, when Codino announced a net-workation at the time of their arrival, my path was clear: I had to go along. And that is exactly what I did.

Knowing full-well how this type of interaction can help me, both professionally and personally, I wanted to make note of the new things I will accomplish and learn. And here is my list:

1. Share

Share knowledge, food, a room, your failures and great moments alike! Sometimes we forget to share things with each other. We get lost in our own world and only what matters to us is the most important thing. We forget that it’s ok to help others and ask for help but also to allow people to “invade” our personal space, whether it is a room, a hug or just letting someone get to know the real you.