5 ways Blab can help you grow your business

To Blab or not to Blab? We can see almost everyday new apps, ideas and trends that more or less try to cover our needs. Three months ago another one was born. Is it just a trend or could it be the future? I guess time will decide but I would bet some money on its success. Being already a Periscope fan, I didn’t think I would get hooked, but I have to admit that it’s kind of addictive.


But what is Blab?

It could be the next big thing. It’s a live broadcasting app that allows you to join conversations with various people on different topics. You could say it’s similar to Periscope or Meerkat, but it has the advantage of jumping on a broadcast even if this is not your “blab” and go live. The admin can let 3 other people in and talk about the chosen topic, so if you ask to join, that could be you.


Blab - join screen

Live Blab


Something interesting is that broadcasts can be scheduled. This way your followers know when you’ll be live and can plan the day accordingly, if they really want to see you. You might want to do that, because compared to scopes that usually take between 5 and 40 minutes, Blab broadcasts can go on for hours.


Schedule a Blab

Schedule a Blab

Another feature that I love about Blab is that all the comments remain visible, so you can scroll up in case you missed something. I really want this on Periscope too, because here comments disappear in a few seconds. And in case you want to know who the speaker is or any of the live viewers, just click on their name and the profile will be revealed.


Anca Muraru - Blab screenshot


The more people join Blab and reached different topics, the longer hashtags list became. You can watch Blab.im on your Chrome browser or on your mobile, but be careful that the iOS version is still in Beta and the Android one is not even live. So if the things above didn’t convince you, maybe being an early adopter comparing to your competition, might make you think twice.


Blab tags screenshot

Blab tags


Let’s see how can this app help your business.


1. Networking
Such as Periscope, it gives you the chance to interact with people you appreciate; maybe the ones who you’ve even been following for a few years. This is something that in the past would’ve been close to impossible. We are talking about KOL in their areas, authors and experts who give you free tips and the opportunity to get answers for your questions.


[tweetthis twitter_handles=”@AncaMuraru”]“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” ― B. Franklin[/tweetthis]


2. Create a community
Everyone who owns a small (or not so small) business knows how hard it is to get people to interact, subscribe to your newsletter and follow you on social media, let alone to actually create a relationship with you and your brand. This is a place where you can jump in and actually talk live with your idol or with a guru in your field. Maybe first time you won’t be noticed, but stick around and you can make sure your voice will be heard.


3. Showcase your services or products
You don’t need to get your customers on your YouTube channel and spend 3 weeks on finding a solution to attract them. Create a blab with an engaging title that would make people curious. They are already there, just looking for great content. Have a plan, engage with people and show them the advantages of your service or product, without suffocating them with “THE product”. If they find it interesting, you’ll know it.


4. Behind the scenes

In case you have a podcast, you can show people what’s happening on the way. Or if you own a hotel, show them what’s going on in the kitchen, get your best chef on board and talk about the importance of great food, the healthy aspect or traditions and involve the audience. You don’t have to sell them anything. Just have a sign in your background, present the chef and give them valuable content.


5. Involve your audience in brainstorming sessions 
You have the chance to get feedback from your potential customers while empowering them at the same time and making them feel their opinion is important to you. No one says you should move your brainstorming sessions on Blab, but you could have a dedicated topic or product thought especially for this kind of interaction. This is how your potential client could become a long-term advocate of your brand.


[tweetthis twitter_handles=”@AncaMuraru”]“We have technology, finally, that for the first time in human history allows people to really maintain rich connections with much larger numbers of people.” [/tweetthis]


Now it’s your choice to decide if you’ll include Blab in your Marketing Strategy, but the opportunities are real and competition could jump in the game at any moment.


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