11 Social Media content tips for hoteliers

It’s summer, the holiday season is at its peak and hotels are probably full, but what about the off-season? What do you do to keep your guests keep coming and attract new ones? If you own a hotel, B&B, resort or even an Airbnb apartment, you might want to check if you are already applying some of these ideas. And if you are not, keep in mind that your competition might and could steal your guests.


Did you know that?

– 2/3 people share their travel dreams on Social Media

– Over 50% of people are inspired to book by their friends’ pictures

– Over 70% of people share content while on holidays.

– Over 50% like pages to a specific destination


Take advantage of these numbers and reach your audience with nice surprises.


1. Talk about the surrounding

You don’t always have to talk about your hotel or resort. You’ll run out of ideas anyway, so use that empty space as an opportunity. Tell a story about the mountains, the seaside, horse rides, surfing experience etc. Tell your potential guests what is happening around and at least one of the activities might attract them. The room booking comes after. Remember that your place is not necessarily the reason people come to that city/town or island, but the place itself. The environment is the one that attracts people and your job is to make that experience even more pleasant; the complete package. Once you do that, their whole memory of the vacation will include your place too.

Office to travel - Malta surroundings


2. Share events

You have to be up-to-date with all the events that are happening. A concert, a festival or a competition will bring people into town. So why don’t you tell them about it and create the whole pack? You could even have some kinds of arrangements that can attract people to stay at your hotel. For example, maybe an international artist is performing in your city, but your hotel is too far away, comparing to your competition. Offer your guests a free ride to the concert and promote it.



3. Forget the stock photos

Yes, some of you will be outraged. I am not talking about not using them at all in Social Media, no matter the business, but you are not promoting utopic ideas or untouchable services. Show your guests what’s waiting for them, details, views, food and all that can be found at your hotel. Hire a great photograph and let him do the magic. It would be great if you could have him or her every week to capture new things, but you can also can have a complete photoshoot once per season, to emphasize the fall’s colors, the clear water or the Christmas decorations.


4. Reward good reviews

If you have a testimonial section on your website, invite people to take a look or even provide a discount for their next trip. Find more about this in the 5 Social Media Ideas For Your Hotel Marketing Strategy article.



5. Bloggers reviews

You might’ve heard about this. You might’ve even tried it but if you didn’t continue, it could’ve been the wrong person. Invite bloggers to your place and ask for a review. Provide the full experience and give them the power of freedom. Don’t get greedy and ask for an amazing blog post, but offer them all the facilities your guests have and he or she will know what to write.

Moreover, look for those bloggers who are always honest. Their audience knows that and usually they are admired for this. Thus, the readers will be sure that your hotel’s review is honest and the chances to attract them will increase.
You can also contact me for a personalized offer providing the services your business needs.

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6. Relevant complementary pages

Follow some of the relevant Facebook pages/Twitter accounts or any other social network you use that could bring you benefits, but also add some value to their own. Let’s say on this island there are a lot of weddings happening. Follow a wedding planner and share some of the pictures they made on a beach for a wedding. It’s not only that you’ll attract the agency’s attention, but also you’ll attract people who are thinking of a wedding place without even having to photograph one in your resort. Of course, there can be a lot of partnerships made, but now we are just talking about Social Media content.



7. Have a dedicated graphic designer

Don’t make your promotions the DIY kind of way. Remember that your image, reputation and money are at stake. Hire one or externalize the job to a great designer. You can have an amazing picture, but if you add some comic font text or dated elements, the effect won’t be the same. I guarantee that.


8. Slow down with all those promotions

Have you ever wonder why you have 100.000 followers and almost no Social Media engagement? Or why people don’t come to you unless your prices are lower? Maybe you got people used to having lots of promotions and discounts. Those are good, but when you have them too often, people will be waiting for your next one because they know you’ll have another discount soon and the regular price now seems too high.

Moreover, when you have a discount, you probably promote it with Facebook ads, for example. Guess what? People will come for your discount and probably never interact or become a guest. But since you have a discount, why not see what other things you will offer, right? And this is how the quantity vs. quality issue appears.



9. Show your awards and achievements

Sure, don’t post it every single day, but it’s not your guests’ job to search for your achievements. Make it easy for them to find you, learn about you and give them extra reasons to choose you. Probably your marketing & PR team is taking care of those issues, but sometimes, even if they work hard on this, you don’t promote it. Maybe it is because you don’t consider your Social Media person so important and hire a newbie who doesn’t know these details or maybe the communication is not good enough. Fix them, for the sake of your business and guests.


10. Be innovative

Don’t be afraid to try new things. 10% of your monthly SM calendar should be new. Test it and see how it goes. If it’s a success, add it to your regular plan. If it’s not, you can put it aside, at least for the moment.



11. Periscope

This is a new mobile app owned by Twitter that allows people to live broadcast from any corner in the world and share relevant info with their followers. You could attract people and give them a tour once a week. Offer some behind the scenes tips, show them how your food is prepared, how you can relax in the pool and emphasize the important features. It might look too new, but it can be the next big thing.


 All in all, these are just some tips and ideas that shouldn’t be missed in your SM calendar, but most importantly is for you to understand that the Social Media person is very very very important. It is the connection between your inside work and what gets to the potential guest. And this is not one week or month job. This an ongoing work that will make your followers love you, hate you, or just unfollow you, which means they don’t really care about your brand. Don’t let your business in the hands of someone who can ruin your image.


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